Trapped In The Cabinet

Jul 22


I’m on tour. I’ve been playing music and driving a lot. A lot. I’m tired but I will write.  I want to talk about this, but before I do I want to mention the new video for my song Scold’s Bridle. It was created by Peter Michael Wilson. It was fun to make. You can watch it here:

Here is how we did it: Edwin and Peter put me inside of a space invaders cabinet and strapped it to the back of Edwin’s pickup truck. Then Edwin drove to a big retail parking lot in Waterdown when all of the stores were closed. We sped around the lot —  me bumping around in the arcade box and Peter lying down in the back while filming. It was very dangerous and exhilarating. Doing things like this makes life memorable. I’m determined to do more things like this. There are also shots of a video game created by Jeremy Evers. The game is called Scullheadworld. In it, you are a powerful skeleton, battling thousands of skeletons on a planet that is actually a skull made out of the bones of defeated skeletons. That’s it. And it’s super addictive. Watching this video, I feel like I’m tour. Being on a music tour is like being trapped in an arcade box going very, very fast. 


I am on tour, as I mentioned. It’s pretty glamorous. You know that.  I’m going west. I performed in North Bay, drove 8 hours, played in Sault Ste. Marie, drove 9 hours, played in Thunder Bay, drove 10 hours performed in Brandon. The shows have been great. The driving… not so great. There are a lot of details I’m leaving out. I’m not feeling all that lucid, but I promised myself I’d write something tonight. So that’s what I’m doing right now. I’m writing meaningful things.  Content. 


Now I’m in a motel room in Brandon with a loud fridge and comfortable sheets. I played at the Brandon Folk Festival today. It was really breezy and wholesome. I didn’t swear at all. I did yell a bit in a couple songs, but no one seemed to mind. I sang about my privilege and fascism and no one seemed to mind. I’m not sure many of them registered what I was saying, but they didn’t mind and neither did I. There was no minding all around. Just a fine time! They know me here, or they should. I’ve played this festival five times or something. This time it was a bit different. The festival was moved to a smaller, very nice park downtown. The event was scaled-down a bit this year because the artistic director for the event — a dear friend of mine — is recovering from a life-saving surgery. The community pulled-together to put on an inspiring one-day event. The sun was out. There were sausages. There were some big tents and soothing music. And me. I think it was an artful way to put on a smaller version of this event. I had a very nice time.

Okay. I’m going to sleep now. Tomorrow I have to drive 7 hours to Flin Flon. I will do some more writing soon. You’ll see. I’m on tour.