April 20

Apr 20

The new web site is almost ready! I won’t spend much time updating this crummy old thing, but I should tell you that I’m sitting in the Toronto airport waiting for my flight to Luxembourg. They kicked me off my flight, ran me round the terminal like a donkey and made me give up my laser pointer… but I did it. I’m going to Germany. This European tour snuck up on me. I thought it would be five days… but that turned into 15 days. It was a strange surprise, I’m ready for it.

April/May – Germany and Switzerland solo:

04/20 – Saarbruken
Sparta 4

04/23 – Mainz

04/25 – Magdeburg Songtage Festival

04/27 – CH/St. Gallen Vintage Bar

04/28 – Geislingen

04/29 – Hannover
Sing Sing

04/30 – Mannheim
Der Bock

05/01 – Munchen
Milla Club

05/02 – CH/Zürich
La Catrina

05/03 – Fürth
Babylon Kellerbühne

05/04 – Gera
Songtage Festival