August 24, 2011

Aug 24


I’m at home in Hamilton now, spending a few more lovely days and nights here before I travel once again (the last for a long while… I swear). We just had a Tornado warning. It lasted about 40 minutes and then was promptly cancelled. Fun things are always called-off in the last moment here. The wind has picked up though… and some fierce lightning. We’ll see.

My Western tour ended well and without further fiasco. The long, dark nights on the Greyhound let me get a some writing done, even if I wasn’t able to sleep much — all the better for penning hallucinatory rants and fevered, homesick songs. My riotous shows in Thunder Bay, Sault Ste. Marie and Sudbury were as fine and fit an ending as I could have wished for.

Someone has given Sudbury’s Townhouse Tavern a meaty facelift. I had heard it was being renovating and could barely fathom the place without its collapsing ceilings, leaky, streaming urinals and louse-ridden band-room beds. I loved the Townehouse the way it was, but I’ll admit that the new decor retains the bare-bones rock&drunkseriousness (my word) that the venue always had; the place is just cleaner-smelling, slightly more colourful and surely less of a liability for the owners — ready for another thirty years. The staff hasn’t changed. They are as supremely down-to-earth and as awesome as ever. I think I’ve undergone a similar renovation over the past few years.

My last show of the tour took place here, at the Townehouse, as it often does. After my set, I immediately caught a cab to the Greyhound station only to find my overnight bus home was full. The cabby graciously gave me a lift back to the venue, gratis. I was bitter that I wouldn’t see my son in the morning, but it was the only scheduling hiccup of the entire tour. I suppose the wily Void couldn’t let me off too easily.
I have a couple of performances coming up in Ontario with The Burning Hell. Then I’m off to Europe for a spin before settling back at home for a good, long break. I’m a Dad you see (did I mention that?), and I love it. I’m well aware that I need to act like one again.

Here are my upcoming performances:
(Don’t see a Facebook event for a show near you? Please make one!)

Wed, Aug 31
The Ebar
w/ The Burning Hell
+ Skeletones 4
Facebook event: ent.php?eid=26503128350960 2

Thurs, Sept 1
The Casbah
w/ The Burning Hell
+ Lowlands
Facebook event: ent.php?eid=25404112128133 9

The Dayzeit Nachttime Tour- September in Germany and Switzerland:

Sun. Sep 4 – Dresden
at Sound of Bronkow Festival

Mon. Sep 5 – Hannover
at Sing Sing
Am Küchengarten 3-5

Tues. Sep 6 – Berlin, Germany
at Sputnik Kino
Hasenheide 54

Wed. Sep. 7 – Halle, Germany
at Objekt 5
Seebener Staße 5

Fri. Sep 9 – Bielefeld, Germany
at Extra Blues Bar
Siekerstr. 20

Sat. Sep 10 – Koln, Germany
at Bauwagenplatz “Wem gehort die welt”

Mon. Sep 12 – Mainz, Germany
at Hafeneck
Frauenlobstraße 93

Tues. Sep 13 – Trier, Germany
at Brunnenhof
Simeonstiftplatz 6
Facebook event: ent.php?eid=22430922095533 7

Thurs. Sep 15 – Dortmund, Germany
at Subrosa
Gneisenaustraße 56
Facebook event: ent.php?eid=18171859189869 7

Fri. Sep 16 – Mannheim
at Der Bock
I7 3, 68159

Sat. Sep 17 – Trogen, Switzerland
at Viertelbar
Facebook event: ent.php?eid=20054546666723 0

Sun. Sep 18 – St. Gallen, Switzerland
at Grabenhalle

Mon. Sep 19 –
Winterthur, Switzerland
@ Portier

Wed. Sep 21 –
Basel, Switzerland
@ Cargo Bar
Sankt Johanns-Rheinweg 46

Thurs. Sep 23 –
Furth, Germany
Babylon Kino
Nürnberger Straße 3

In November I will be playing many shows in Ontario with BA Johnston.

Thank you,