Broken City

Aug 12

UkranianChurchLet me provide a brief tour update for you. I just finished eating a delicious, greeezy breakfast here at Broken City in Calgary and am now enjoying the jazzy dub style songs they are pumping. Through the mirror behind the bar I see 11th ave. It’s slick with rain reminding me I’ve nowhere better to be. We had a lot of fun last night. New palls Shiv Shanks (Red Dear) and The Voyageur Music (Van) opened the show with personal excellence and top musicality. Tears and sparkles, balloons and finetimes carried us all through the evening til those bittersweet+sour hours.
Come to think it, this entire adventure has thus far been one of the absolute finest and richest quality — of friendliness and longing made manifest. As I reconnect with many dear ol’ friends night after night, exulted emotional overflows are evoked and tactfully contained. At times, I get scared my heart might rupture in a completely messy way. I’ve always felt that touring is like running a whole bunch of lives in fast forward. It is watching forests or empires grow and die in time-lapse. In each town I’m lost by what has changed and what has not. All the same, I do solemnly promise to keep it in my chest. I am feeling So Strong and refuse to believe it’s been so long. It will never be so long again.
There are many, many shows and copious musics to come, so spread word far and wide that I’m fumbling my way west again… then back. I’ll have some more detailed, thought-through words posted here soon. My remaining dates are linked above and beside. If you’d like to set a date for the future, wherever you are, please be in touch.
Your friend,
Wax Mannequin