Making Easy Things Part 10

Feb 21

I’m making easy things every day for 40 days. This is thing 10. I figure if I repurpose one hour a night for creative purposes, and if I commit to ending said hour with one completed thing, irrespective of quality, I will be winning at life. Or I will have at least begun to come crawling out of the sort of soul-drought in which I, from time to time, find myself...

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Making Easy Things part 9

Feb 20

Martti and I returned to Hessanau on the penultimate night of our tour together — not to perform, but to rest on our way to Winterthur. We stayed at the home of a gregarious, moustached, folk-punk named Kurt. Kurt is one of the longest-standing members of the Hessenau community.  Here he builds things and helps to manage the bizarre parties that happen...

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Making Easy Things Part 8

Feb 19

I have this notion that I might conquer my creative inhibitions if I make something every day for forty days. I’m on day 8. These makings leave me little time to second guess the output. I am forced to make do with what I make. I allow myself to refine somewhat after the fact, but the release schedule is such that I don’t have time for more than a few edits....

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Making Easy Things Part 7

Feb 18

We had to rip up part of the carpet in my basement because of water damage that my kids caused. For some reason I can’t explain, I occasionally I imagine taking a pickaxe to the exposed concrete floor. I would crack through to the gravel and clay below. I imagine working away at this absurd project a little bit every night for months on end until I have hollowed...

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Making Easy Things Part 6

Feb 17

At about this time on a Sunday night I get to thinking about my home. There is a hole in the ceiling of my front hall. I cut it open because brown, bubbling water marks were appearing along the seam between two drywall pieces. I started with a tiny square. Sure enough, there was black mold covering the top of the gypsum plug. I instantly taped up the opening and...

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Making East Things Part 5

Feb 16

Making East Things Part 5

The Cotton Factory is a refurbished industrial space on Sherman street North in Hamilton. The building, occupying an entire city block, was once owned by textile magnate John Patterson. He was one of the notorious ‘Five Johns’ — industrial lords who basically ran this town in the late 1800s. After the textile industry caved in the 1970s, the building stood...

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Making Easy Things Part 4

Feb 15

I’m on a quest to make nonsensical or quasi-sensical updates to this blog for 40 days because it has been ill-used for far too long. I am currently on Day 4 and I have fewer than 10 minutes to type something. I figure I should write about my vices. I try to live more virtuously by choosing healthy foods, by drinking less, by fasting and meditating. As I...

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Making Easy Things Part 3

Feb 14

Hessanau is a German village of two hundred or so — a settling place for road-worn punks and DIY commies. Many have come here to set up communal homes, raise crops, chickens and families. The town is comprised of several dozen medieval stone structures that were left relatively unaffected by the two wars. These have been renovated and built-upon with found...

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Making Easy Things Part 2

Feb 13

A second thing. This isn’t so hard. I don’t expect there will be any content to this writing, exactly, but in success I will prove (to myself… because nobody is reading) that I can still string sentences together. I can rise to creative challenges. Because my goal is to spew some nonsense or another for 40 nights, I am allowing myself — forcing myself...

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Making Easy Things Part 1

Feb 12

Making things is easy. I tell myself I have a kind of writer’s block, or artist’s block, or sing-songer’s block. The telling lasts for weeks or months in a stretch. Eventually I am drawn out of the narrative by overconfidence or guilt and some impending commitment — like an upcoming tour — like the tour I have coming up.   If I am honest with...

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