Making It Break

Feb 21

20131009_194529 I realized that I should probably be making a real stink about something. You see, soon I’m taking a trip east to tour the maritimes with my friends Construction and Destruction. I spent time with Colleen and Dave when I was in Whitehorse, recording that collaborative supergroup album for Headless Owl. I played a circuit-bent casio keyboard on their tune; they played chains, trash cans and singalings on mine. They are two of the most thoughtful and crafty people I have had the pleasure of merrymaking with. C&D tried things in the studio that made me cringe at first — scratchy atonal guitar solos, raspy mic-popping yowls… whatnot. But as the seemingly misguided tones worked their way into the mix, their purpose became shiny clear. These kids turn awful stuff into things of heart-wrenching beauty. I started to trust and revere their adventurous sensibilities. You see, we have a similar kind of scrappiness — they and I — but while I hyperfocus, working to stamp out my musical loose-ends (a habit that sometimes renders my recordings tight but a touch soulless), C&D take the opposite approach, setting their chaotic tendrils free to grip and tighten around your heart. During our Yukon adventure together I figured out that we are pretty like-minded. We make very different-sounding sounds but we write about many of the same things, and for the same reasons. So when these mild-mannered soulmates suggested that we tour together I was secretly giddy.
C&D craft soaring, abrasive, ambitious songs. The duo has toured in Canada and Europe countless times, remaining at once incomprehensibly obscure and widely revered. So it’s happening! The tour I mean… Starting March 7th in Saint John NB. There’s no better place for this sort of beginning. A spooky, poetic maritime town where I left bits of my soul years ago. A home for burning bridges and making amends; for breaking and building.
I hope that you will come to our shows if you live that way. I hope that you will pass word along to any who do. I haven’t decided if I’m going to catch a plane or try to rideshare my way, but I’ll make it somehow. I always do. I’d better decide soon. Want to go on a road trip?