December 6th, 2011

Dec 06

I have some shows coming up and I mean to tell you about them, but first I will type a thing or two about my days these days.
In November I toured Ontario — just on the weekends — with my pal BA Johnston. We had a very nice time. Things finished off with a debaucherous run through Kingston, Montreal and Ottawa. I think I busted the joy noodle in my brain at Irene’s. Remi Royale opened the night in a sultry leisure suit singing raunchy karaoke versions of all the hits — from Neil Diamond to Journey — and getting uncomfortably close to Everyone in the crowd. Reme is a master of glitter, singsong and whiskey smells. Later, BA and I got to visit Remi’s luxurious homestead — a nest-like den, every micrometre covered with pristine, carefully posed action figures from the 70s and 80s.

These days I’m trying to perfect my own fortress of solitude. I’m making a tiny little studio in my basement so I can start recording some new acoustic things. I have a new batch of songs that I’m dizzy with excitement about and I should be spending what little free time I have preparing them for my next record, but I’ve managed to get addicted to a stupid video game on my computer… Terraria. It’s everything I used to hallucinate about in my youth after endless hours of NES. A think-and-thin-dream come to life.
Once I kick this nasty habit I’ll hit a very prolific recording steak. I promise.

Here are some shows:

Thurs, December 15
THE CASBAH – 306 King st W.
w/ Spookey Ruben, The Donefors, Blind Mule
Spherical Christmas Party
Facebook event:

Fri, December 16
Burly Calling Festival – THE RUDE NATIVE
w/ Sarah Blackwood (The Creepshow)

Thurs, December 22
937 Bloor st. W.
w/ The Rest

Fri, January 6
200 Main st.
w/ The Donefors

Sat, January 7
420 Talbot St.
w/ The Donefors

Sat, January 28
1 Wyndham st. N.
w/ The Donefors

Have a good time.