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Wax Mannequin – Have A New Name

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The 2018 release from Wax Mannequin.

 Working in a small east-end Hamilton industrial space containing an array of vintage and modern gear, Have A New Name’s eight songs were crafted out of semi-impromptu sessions that eventually expanded with the addition of grand piano, gamba da viola, double bass and a 12 piece choir. The end product is the most sonically ambitious Wax Mannequin album to date, and also arguably the most powerful. The album’s closing track “Longest Hour,” is an atmospheric travelogue that never lags over the course of its nearly nine minutes. Other songs on Have A New Name such as “Basketball” and “Squirmy Wormy” are rooted in whimsy, while the songs “Someone Fixed The Game” and “People Can Change” display a maturity that signals Wax Mannequin is indeed more than capable of reaching wider audiences without sacrificing any of his edge. With Have A New Name, Christopher Adeney has made a Wax Mannequin album utterly necessary for this moment in time. Challenging and earthy, funny and heartbreaking, in search of answers yet rooted in hard-earned wisdom.


Wax Mannequin – No Safe Home

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The 2012 release from Wax Mannequin.

The methodical ascent of Canadian psych-folk- phenom Wax Mannequin continues with his sixth full-length release ‘No Safe Home. Engineered and co- produced by Nick Johannes (The Kettle Black), the album is a subdued collection of ethereal and somber folk songs that are rife with the minstrel’s wry wit, morose personal observations, veiled social commentary and uplifting melodic cadences. With this collection, Wax uses his raspy and road- broken nylon string guitar to will an alchemical collusion of the domestic and the universal — an exploration that continues where his 2009 release ‘Saxon’ left off. Deeply personal meditations on familial estrangement, emotional bondage and misplaced ambition are set off against societal musings about power, moral collapse and civic unrest. Heavy-handed themes indeed, but, paradoxically (and in true Wax Mannequin form) an inexplicable air of whimsy and hopefulness permeates every moment of this recording, leaving the listener feeling serene and light-headed, longing for another spin. At once dark, brooding and inspiring, it’s a record that demands (and earns) countless replays.

In this hauntingly spacious, sparsely produced, acoustic gem, Wax Mannequin provides yet another thoughtful glimpse into the psyche of our age, or at least into his own paranoid yet endearingly self-aware interpretation of our place and time.

Wax Mannequin – Saxon

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The 2009 release from Wax Mannequin.

The Zunior Music Label proudly presents Saxon, the brand new album from Hamilton, Ontario’s Wax Mannequin. A tireless and talented iconoclast, Wax Mannequin is a maniacal force of nature and Saxon, his fifth full-length album, is his crowning achievement.

Following up the critical acclaim of 2007’s Orchard & Ire, Wax returns to his gritty psych-folk roots on Saxon, all the while giving new appreciation for the versatility of a classical guitar. Recorded with Andy Magoffin at the House of Miracles and backed up by Black Blood (Mark Raymond on bass and Aidan Campbell on percussion) Saxon is a testament to the complex songwriting and evocative lyrics upon which Wax Mannequin has built his much-lauded career.

“…Wax Mannequin delivers folk with a vivaciousness that is all too lacking in the often be a listless genre.” – T.O. Snobs Music

Wax Mannequin – Orchard & Ire

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The enigmatic 2007 release from Wax Mannequin.

Always original and conveying an infectious enthusiasm, Wax Mannequin returns with his fourth full-length album, Orchard & Ire, full of captivating fist-pumpers for the angry poets.

“This one-man band has such impressive control over the musical subtleties he tinkers and fucks with that an album like Orchard & Ire deserves to be listened to several times to allow everything to sink in…Strange? Absolutely. But with all its meanderings and side roads, Orchard is a beautiful work rich in melodic structure and personality.” – NOW

“Even when Hamilton’s Chris Adeney strikes a subdued note, as he does here, he still seems animated, almost extravagantly so, as though he’s determined to draw attention to the artifice at the heart of all music while simultaneously trying to convey genuine sincerity.” – The Star

“Make no mistake, Orchard & Ire might be a disc with a sense of humour, but Wax Mannequin definitely put a lot of heart into it and it’s plenty enjoyable because of it.” – Chart

Wax Mannequin – The Price

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The Price

The second album from the self-described ‘President of Indie Rock – The Most Powerful Musician Ever’. The Price has been adding some spice to Zunior Radio with treats like Message From The Queen and Empty Glass.

Wax Mannequin – and Gun

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and Gun is Wax Mannequin’s sophmore record — a remnant of a previous incarnation, before his fateful encounter with The Kroeger. Space rock treats like Paper Snake and New Flies showcase the Waxman’s glam rock manifesto.