Everything I can remember so far

Apr 30

I will do my best to remember a lot of the things that have happened to me on my tour in Germany (and Switzerland) so far. I told you about how I played a show in Saarbruken, then took a nap in Trier. Well, after that I road a train to Mainz. Mainz a neat town where the printing press was invented. My friend Christoph met me at the hauptbanhoff and drove me to his lovely little bar called Hafeneck. The word ‘Hafeneck’ doesn’t really mean anything as far as I know, even in German, but you can get away with making up words in a printing press town (CORRECTION. My friend Gudrun in Karlsruhe assures me that Hafeneck “is literally translated the ‘corner at the harbor’ and of course this kind of corner usually is a pub”) The Gutenberg museum is here in Mainz. For some reason it is always closed when I am in town.
Christoph has a way of making people perfectly drunk before they perform, so it was a fine show. The next morning I caught a bus to a town called Magdeburg. It is the town where Otto I invented municipal law. You might have noticed that every German town is known for — and rightly proud of — some invention or another. You might have heard that Germany people themselves are famous for their ingenuity. In Magdeberg I performed on a lovely property that was run as a co-operative — a number of families hold shares in the place and run it communally, each contributing to the maintenance of the property, sharing in childcare responsibilities, making meals, gardening etc. It seemed like a very functional and happy arrangement for everyone involved. Before my performance, I sat down with a couple of the families to eat delicious vegetables for dinner. In Magdeburg I stayed in a funny and beautiful old Hotel. Each room was named after an author. I was in the Oscar Wilde room. I made sure they changed the sheets before I settled in.
My friend and tour manager Vincent Klinkenberg met me here in Magdeburg. I had just finished touring with Vincent and Mark Lotterman in Canada. When Vincent heard that I was coming to Germany, he offered to join me for the tour in his Big Black Van. It’s a fast Volkswagon van — and quite large by any standard, especially European ones. I feel a bit like a sneaky villain or an important diplomat as I am whisked around from place to place in such an intimidating but oddly fuel efficient diesel monstrosity.
We made exciting stops in Nuremberg (where we snuck to the top of a big church at midnight), St. Gallen (where someone had spilled weird red stuff all over the town), Geislingen (where there was a castle on a hill and where I found one of my favourite bars ever — Seemuhule). Now I am in Hannover after having performed at a lovely theatre space called Sing Sing. Today was a restful day in which Vincent and I walked around Hannover, exploring government buildings (Appropriately named Rathauses) and we visited the Springel Art Museum. There was a neat Picasso room, and a number of prints by Matisse among plenty of other interesting things. So that’s everthing I can remember about my tour so far. I have many pictures that I will post to this site. I only have four more performances before I go home. The tour has been wonderful, but I’m very excited to see my loved ones.