February 11, 2012

Feb 11

What are some of the things that we can do together? We can play a paper/scissors game. We can do cutsypasties. We can make cakes. There are many more things that I can think of doing together with you!!!
What do you think???

My friend Mark Bragg is coming to town soon. Mark is the best guy from the second best town: St. John’s, Newfoundland. It’s the oldest city and it’s where the best people from the other cities decide to live when they come to their senses. Think of someone great that you don’t see around anymore — “Yea. That guy (or girl)! Where did she (or he) go?”… moved to St. John’s.
Well Mark has lived in SJ all of his life, but he comes to Ontario once a year to tour. He sings a song about how he lets his four-year-old drive a pickup truck. He actually has a lot of songs and the driving-four-year-old one is not even his best (though still damn good).

Mark Bragg and I are doing three shows together this month (See them listed below).
You can find out about his other shows here:

My upcoming performances:

Fri, Feb. 11 – North Bay- The Opera Cafe

Thurs, Feb 16 – Toronto – The Drake – Alphabot’s CD release party

Sat. Feb 18 – Kingston – The Mansion w/ Mark Bragg

Sun, Feb 19 – Hamilton – Casbah w/ Mark Bragg

Fri, March 8 – The Pearl Company w/ Jean-Paul De Roover and TBA

Thurs, Mar 15 – Toronto – The Piston – w/ The Jilted Lover’s Club

Sat, March 17 – Ottawa – Irene’s w/ Spookey Ruben

What else… I’m working on a new album.
In April I will be flying to St. John’s, Newfoundland to play the Lawnya Vawnya festival. That will be fun.
I’m planning on travelling westward in the summer again for performances at the Music on the Mountain festival, Artswells, and Dawson Creek Sweetwater Festival among others.
In the Autumn I will be back in Europe for a spin.
That’s all for now.