January 15

Jan 15

Hi Friends,
I’ve been having a lot of fun playing shows lately… even though I haven’t really recovered from absorbing that apocalypse a couple of weeks back. I feel really powerful, but my chakras are still all switched around and my solar plexus has begun to pulse with a teal glow. I’m not sure where that’s all heading, but I got to thinking… maybe there is a way for me to straighten around my karmic energies. I know how crazy it sounds, but maybe by absorbing ANOTHER apocalypse I can shock my system back to normal — sort of like pressing a reset button on my spiritual frequencies! This, of course, would have the secondary benefit of re-saving the world.

I mean… apocalypses ‘almost’ happen all the time, am I right? It seems like every few months some cult or another becomes completely certain that the world is about to end — that the special people are going to float into space while everyone else bursts into flames, or that the muffin man is about to return… something like that. Well, after what went down in December, I’m pretty sure I can stop ALL of that from happening.

So this is it. I put it to you, friends: Find me the next apocalypse. Scour the internet for the next Armageddon, then send me the details — pictures, movies, testimonials, ancient texts… whatever. But this is Serious. It has to be a REAL impending apocalypse, not some lame hoax. Together we will figure out a magical ritual I can perform, or a deluxe party that we can put on together, wherein I will ABSORB THE APOCALYPSE again!

Yes! We can do this! Stupid apocalypses. I Can Eat Them!!!

I’m very excited to be playing shows around Ontario with amazing friends. I’ll be in Toronto and Hamilton coming up with the astounding Corin Raymond. Please don’t miss these. Certain people used to scream and scream at me about how amazing he is. Then I got to see him and sorta shrugged my shoulders for two songs… then something clicked. He spoke between tunes and my face melted with debauched joy; he sang impassioned, literate folk songs and my head LITERALLY exploded with realization at was happening. It was messy. He’s a bookish guy, but Corin Raymond can’t be easily put into words, so go to the shows.

Fri, January 18
Art Gallery of Hamilton
3 songs in support of Matthew De Zoete
https://www.facebook.com/ events/394374860641445/ ?fref=ts

Sat, January 19
Clock Tower Pub (basement)
w/ The Kettle Black
Mike and his Valentines

Wed, January 23rd
292 Brunswick Ave.
Corin Raymond record launch
(Facebook event will be linked here soon)

Fri, January 25th
Pearl Company
16 Stephen st.
Corin Raymond
record launch
(Facebook event will be linked here soon)

Fri, February 1st
APK (the new one)
w/ BA Johnston

Sat, February 2nd
Two Doors Down
w BA Johnston

Fri, February 22nd
1197 Dundas st. w.
w/ BA Johnston

Sat, February 23rd
Jane Bond
5 Princess st. w.
w/ BA Johnston

Fri, March 1st
This Ain’t Hollywood|
345 James st. N
w/ BA Johnston

Sat, March 2nd
Pig’s Ear Tavern
w/ BA Johnston

Fri. April 5th
Casa Del Popolo
4873 Saint Laurent Boulevard
w/ Mark Lotterman
and TBA

Sat. April 6th
The Mansion
506 Princess Street
w/ Mark Lotterman