JFY: Taxidermy in an Abandoned Orphanage

Mar 06

I’m not sure how these things ended up here, but there are numerous taxidermied animals in this abandoned orphanage. It doesn’t seem like the best place to store such things. Firstly, keeping stuffed animal corpses in a former home for orphaned kids seems a bit unnerving. Secondly, anyone could crawl in an unlatched window, or thorough some large drainage pipes beneath the building. Say you were sneaking around in there. You might simply unlock the side door and carry the taxidermy out, piece by piece, on your back. Maybe you’d have a rusty orange pickup truck parked on a nearby forest trail. It would probably take less than an hour to get every stuffed beast out of there. Then you’d drive to a neighboring state to sell the pieces, or, better yet, you could pile them in the basement of your uncle’s home. He is out of town for weeks. By the time he gets back, you’ll have passed the animals off to trusted friends. A few times each summer, your friends could bring the taxidermy to that clearing deep within a forest outside of town. You might light a bonfire, drink and dress up like animals, the lot of you dancing and rioting, spinning in rambunctious circles, each carrying one of these wild things. The blazing fire would likely brighten the faces of these beasts with an eerie, kinetic play of red light and shadow. This pageant of bestial comradery might rage until dawn. Then you’d wake, surrounded by police officers confiscating the taxidermy and piling all of your friends into their cars. For some reason they’d let you go. You stumble home, head aching in the blistering hot morning.