Making Easy Things Part 1

Feb 12

Making things is easy. I tell myself I have a kind of writer’s block, or artist’s block, or sing-songer’s block. The telling lasts for weeks or months in a stretch. Eventually I am drawn out of the narrative by overconfidence or guilt and some impending commitment — like an upcoming tour — like the tour I have coming up.


If I am honest with myself, I can acknowledge that I am reasonably prolific, even during these creatively depressed periods; I still, almost daily, record little melodies on my device; I puzzle away at words that might accompany said melodies; I tap out paragraphs (like this) for my blog and I don’t publish them.

The block — call it that — is in the finishing or releasing. This blog lies unused for months on end. My performances cease to change, even though I have an endless and ever-growing collection of new (if unfinished) material and embarrassing ideas to draw upon. I draw shitty little pictures and lose them in my garage. I recommit myself to the creative process — or the completion process — almost nightly, inexplicably, I stall. I’m unable to churn out a finished thing until the moment it is absolutely required. As an example, I finish new songs the night before leaving for travel. I am thereby forced to refine and practice these tunes during my performances. This system works well enough, as I’m still making, still touring, still doing despite the many self-sabotaging demands on my time. This system can probably be improved upon.

By way of an experiment, I am committing to sticking new things here on this blog for 40 days. I will put things here, finished or not. Planned or not. Whether embarrassing, inspired or incriminating, I resolve to make a thing and post it here. An easy made thing each day.