Making Easy Things Part 14 – Just For You

Feb 25

Hint! The Wax Mannequin Supersale is still active. All seven albums are currently PWYC on Bandcamp (including my notoriously hard to find ‘Embarrassing Early Works’ Self-Titled record circa 2001). You can purchase my entire discography (or any missing pieces of) for any price you’d like. Even no price at all. Share and Rejoice!

I found an interesting music video while internetting today. It is called ‘A Girl In A Saddle Of A Steed’. It’s a jaunty pop song about how all North Koreans, and in particular, North Korean women enjoy working in factories. It is sung by a woman named Hyon Song Wol. In the official video, you can see Hyon diligently doing a number of tasks in some kind of pristine textile factory. She works quickly and efficiently. She maintains a bright look upon on her face. Notice how Hyon interacts with her co-worker at the 50 second mark: direct, with obvious comradery and an earnest smile. She flips switches with a long white stick; she puts paper rolls on hooks; she activates some sort of large spinning machine and wonders, for a moment, at its power. Hyon is very good at her job and does not make mistakes. When a coworker approaches for smalltalk and to dab Hyon’s face with a sponge, Hyon promptly ends the interaction. She moves on to her next task. At 2:32 it’s clear that the whole team has done great work that day as they gather after an exciting 16 hour shift. They give flowers to Hyon because she did fine work and this makes everyone feel great. Hyon humbly accepts the floral wreath that her comrades place around her neck. We see various pictures of the textile goods that Hyon and the other workers have created! The women are running in the sun and they are waving.

“‘No weaknesses at this time!’ was complimented to me… simmering with creation, it’s the era of the Worker’s Party!”

Sadly, Hyon was executed by a firing squad on national television shortly after this video was released.
Happily, Hyon returned a few months later to give an important speech at a National Worker’s rally!

“The general who lifted us up on the horse, his name we praise!”