Making Easy Things Part 2

A second thing. This isn’t so hard. I don’t expect there will be any content to this writing, exactly, but in success I will prove (to myself… because nobody is reading) that I can still string sentences together. I can rise to creative challenges. Because my goal is to spew some nonsense or another for 40 nights, I am allowing myself — forcing myself — to write just about anything that crosses my mind, with little filter. It’s a ridiculous time of life for me to be attempting this feat, as I am currently in the throws of conventional employment and my time is stretched thin — the candle burning at all ends.

I don’t discuss my day job often — not in a musical context, anyway. I keep the two ‘sides’ of my life pretty isolated from one another. That is, until my students inevitably figure out what I do on the weekends and during the odd hours and summer nights. My cover is blown. You may know that I am a teacher in the public school system. I take Long Term Contracts, allowing me to work for extended stays within individual schools for up to an entire year or until the permanent teacher I am filling in for returns from whatever ails them. Essentially, I’m a glorified supply teacher. Not even glorified. I like it this way. I like keeping some semblance of waywardness even while committing to conventionality. I love teaching and I’m good at it. Nevertheless, I am compelled to remain as active and engaged as I can with music and strangeness. It is what I’m cut out for (and of). Until I get my head together enough to commit to one life or the other, I keep one foot in both.

These writings may help me find a way back to lucidity. If I do this consistently, I will spew out some garbage, but I will get better at doing it. I used to write very strange shit — utter nonsense — regularly. This was when I was young. It wasn’t particularly good writing by any means, but it was self-assured and absorbing. I was committed to the process. What happened to that? I guess these times are a bit paralyzing. In the barrage of noise and misinformation, one feels that one should have something to say if one says things. Pure absurdity is a tough sell. Better to be thought a fool and all that. Whether or not I’m proven a fool, I’ve made another easy thing. I am fulfilling my promise. 38 to go.