Making Easy Things Part 4

Feb 15

I’m on a quest to make nonsensical or quasi-sensical updates to this blog for 40 days because it has been ill-used for far too long. I am currently on Day 4 and I have fewer than 10 minutes to type something. I figure I should write about my vices. I try to live more virtuously by choosing healthy foods, by drinking less, by fasting and meditating. As I cultivate virtuous habits, I seem to collect vices to maintain the balance. When I was in Austria recently I bought a pretty tobacco pipe. Now I smoke tobacco in a pipe on the weekends. I have a beard and I wear a toque so you might think that pipe-smoking would make me a hipster, but I’m getting old and can get away with it. I avoided smoking throughout my youth, but now I have picked up the nasty habit. Pipe tobacco is very hard to find. I had to drive to little shop in Brantford to buy a pack of Captain Black. Now my new ritual is smoking the pipe on Friday nights at 11pm while stumbling about the suburbs over slippery ice. I usually bring a bit of gin for sipping. I slide to the nearby variety store to buy ginger-ale for Heather. I ask if they have pipe tobacco (so I can keep a backup supply). They never do. The disappointment is part of my routine. When I get home I pour salt on the driveway. There are so many other things that I do.