March 6

Mar 06


It’s damn nice to make noises — sing-songy, obnoxious noises; ring-dingy collapsing noises; napping noise. I recently finished a fun bunch of shows with our pal BA Johnston. Love that guy. He always kicks my ass onto tour just when I’m in a winter collapse. His new tunes are face-busting good. He’s got one about drinking in a bar full of aliens — it’s stuck in my head and loins; ‘Can’t Stop Stealing from Work’ is timeless+true, and the ever-rousing ‘McDonald’s Coupon Day’ proves that even in depressed Barrie, Ontario there is hope, if it comes but once a year. BA’s on-stage nose-blows have become tolerable to me. That’s superfandom.

Beginning on March 28th I will be doing a series of Ontario shows with the at-once sombre and riotous Dutchman, Mark Lotterman. I met Mark on my first European tour… actually, before my first European tour. Years ago I was piecing together a bunch of scrappy German shows when Mark got in touch and dragged me to Rotterdam to perform at a trashy, tenured (now boarded-up) venue called Exit. I wasn’t planning on doing any gigs in the Netheregions, but Mark sweetened the deal by organizing a mini-tour of his homeland for us, and by letting me sleep on his mom’s sofa. It’s been a few years, so I figured I should return the favour. A tour and a mom-sofa. Fair is fair. Mark writes dark, heavy, soul ballads — sometimes spine-wrenching, occasionally funny; always memorable and fantastic. Since we toured together, he has become very busy on his home turf. Hopefully we get to have him around Canada more too. You can find him and a snappy new video for his song ‘Funny’ here:

Here are some shows. Tell me if I missed any, or if you want to set something up (I will ‘probably’ be performing with band for a bunch of these):

Thurs, March 28 – Toronto – Piston
w/ Mark Lotterman + Ah, La Lettre + Alphabot
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Fri, March 29 – Peterborough – The Spill
w/ Mark Lotterman + Hello Babies
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Wed, April 3 – Collingwood – Molly Bloom’s
w/ Mark Lotterman and TBA

Thurs, April 4 – North Bay – The Voyager Inn
w/ Mark Lotterman and TBA

Fri, April 5 – Montreal – Casa Del Popolo
w/ Mark Lotterman + Sunfields, Trio 69

Sat, April 6 – Kingston – The Mansion
w/ Mark Lotterman + TBA
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Sun, April 7 – Oshawa – The Atria
w/ Mark Lotterman + TBA

Tues, April 9 – Guelph – The Cornerstone
w/ Mark Lotterman + TBA

Wed, Apr 10 – Brantford – Two Doors Down
w/ Mark Lotterman

Thurs, April 11 – London – Black Shire Pub
w/ Mark Lotterman + TBA

Fri, April 12 – Windsor – Phog
w/ Mark Lotterman + TBA

Sat, April 13 – Hamilton – Homegrown
w/ Mark Lottermand + Pucumber Sasssquash Family Band

Stroke it to the east,