MET17 — Just For You IV

Feb 28


The body of baby whale appeared in the Amazon jungle on the island of Marajo. There was nobody around to see it arrive — nothing to document or describe the event. I bet there were no animals, no insects either. It likely happened in the black of night. I imagine it happened in an instant. An uncharacteristically cool breeze rustled the leaves of the surrounding foliage and it appeared, or had been there already.

If someone had been there, they could have given a more sensible account. There may have been a more sensible sequence of events. Had someone been there, the whale may not have appeared at all. It may still be with its mother in the Atlantic. It might have suffered some worse fate: it might have been captured by whalers from the Grenadines; it might have fed families in St. Vincent; it may have been used in fine cosmetics. This little whale may have grown into one of the taninnim and committed atrocities and sung about at Sunday school. 

The body is too heavy to move. It will be picked clean by jungle beasts. Then someone will collect the bones and use them to make things– maybe an elaborate sculpture or some jewelry. Maybe the bones will be ground down to make a kind of glue. I would make a table out of the bones. What would you do with the bones?