MET18 – Just Four You V

Mar 02

Here is a Mountain Lion. This one appears to be taxidermied, but it is not. Look close. This mountain lion is pretending. Some agreement was made, all down the line, between the beast, the hunter, the artisan and those involved in the transport and display. I can’t explain the specifics, but rest assured, this mountain lion is very much alive. She has been standing still for a long time. She has been waiting for you to arrive. 

It’s hard to tell how this one will react when you walk into the room. She has been waiting to bite your legs, but it has been so long and she is so hungry and so lonely. There is a chance that her need for real comradery might win the day. She may leap upon you with every ounce of her bestial being. She may lick your face and curl up hungrily in your lap. If you bring a treat she will be especially appreciative. She will eat up an entire fish and be ready to connect on a true personal level.

There is probably something this Mountain  Lion could teach you. She may try to find the words, but she never will. She doesn’t have the right kind of lips. Her tongue is all wrong for talking. Her tongue best for scratching and exfoliating. You two could team-up and become great friends. Beasts and people sometimes team-up in powerful ways. You may walk the streets together on some rainy nights, wanting badly to say things. Imagine what we would say, seeing you two walking the streets together, getting up to all kinds of mysterious business — finding fish, finding treats. What would you do together without ever talking?