Hey… You. Get into my car.

Jun 13

Hello there,
I bought a car somewhat unexpectedly! It’s a medium-old, shiny black wonderbeast — lightly used, but new to me. It was a bit of an unexpected move on my part. I felt quite liberated and clever riding the bus and mooching rides from place to place for the past couple of years… but then Heather and I moved far from town. And then someone made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. So I’ve quickly grown quite reliant on my shiny wastemobile. Already I feel its tendrils encircling my limbs –sinking into me. I’m becoming inseparable — indistinguishable from the thing. It’s fun to drive all the way downtown, or to the nearby supermarket, spewing invisible puffs of melted money fumes all the way. I rise each morning looking forward to the drive down. I zoom, revelling in the illusory sense of freedom that I had all but forgotten. The doublethink is energizing: aware of my folly while in functional denial of my predicament. It’s a grand adventure. The best part is that I get to do more far-afield performances now that I have Waxmobile to carry me from place to place.