Naps in Trier

Apr 22

Did you visit the ‘shop’ page and get some music? If so, thanks.  An Extra Special goes out to those who shot me something with paypal.  The response has been humbling. It’s on for a while yet,  so spread the word to people who like weird folk songs and scrappy, self-aggrandizing bastards. Right now I’m resting on a high-end pullout sofa in Trier thinking of the finer things.  I’m thinking of the countless brilliant people have helped me long the way.  Whether we’ve shared a quick conversation,  an evening of debauchery or years of comradery, thank you for joining me on this Ridiculous adventure.  I swear we’re going to tare a party hole in the fabric of sense and being soon.  One more candlehead.  One more song.  One more tour.  One more record.  There is a heavy,  brown stone in the stream of culture and when we kick,  it shudders.  Soon it will ‘splode or tumble over the edge and our Freshwaters —  yours,  mine —  will gush over everyone.  FOREVER.

I feel in my spirit-bone that this journey has somehow only just begun. Friends,  family,  and my astoundingly patient Love.  Thank you.   I slept an insane amount today…  16 hours or something…  might be why I feel squishy and lucid. My impossible life choices — my embarrassing mistakes — have never seemed so right. It’s easy to believe in a divine plan when you are its own author.  We can fill the gaps in our spotty memories and misfired logic circuits with metaphysics and wonder.  We can mythologize ourselves into the promised land….  The wonderworld where supercharms — yours and mine —  come true. But even if they don’t — even if we just hoax ourselves all along — you still end up with cool bracelets to give away to the Nicest People you’ve Ever Met.