November 27, 2012

Nov 27

Hey there!
I should probably tell you about my upcoming shows. I pasted them over there to the left… Brantford, Hamilton, Waterloo, Lndon, Guelph, Toronto, Peterborough. It will be nice to team up with BA Johnston again… and Corwin Raymond. That guy is great.
I’ve been having fun — laying low since the Hamilton Music Awards. That was a neat night. Congrats to Lee Reed, Mayor McCA and everyone else. The event brought the community out in full force. I’ve been spending my days wandering along the shores of shallow creeks and ponds in my home town, cracking at the thin layer of ice with my bare toe. It’s refreshing and melancholic. It’s hard to believe that there are people that live in the little houses on the horizon; little families with complicated lives that I will probably never know. Those houses are black against the red sky.
I’ve been writing a lot of music lately… starting to record something new. It’s nice to find quiet moments to work on these things.