October 11, 2011

Oct 11

I’m home from my recent tour of Europe. It was a doozy! The shows were wonderful. The travel was harrowing. I dearly miss my German friends already. I took the train to some strange new towns — Mannheim, Crailsheim and Bielefeld (it is real… else I was having a fever-dream) — as well as many places I know and love from past travels: Berlin, Hamburg, Winterthur. Thanks to everyone who stopped by a show. The Wagonplatz in Cologne was a highlight for me — an epic squat in the middle of the city — replica stage-coaches from the mid 1960s, trailers, trucks and little wooden houses. We had a great, firey party that raged ’til the early morning. Germany, and Cologn in particular, have a well-established tradition of squatting — since the economic turmoil of the 70s. I think this is of great cultural credit to the country, though in recent years many squats have been shut down — especially in Berlin; Cologne’s Wagonplatz holds strong though. Maybe that’s what folks will do here in Canada if our middle-class continues to collapse. We’ll park ourselves firmly and stubbornly in any number of abandoned houses and buildings that stand neglected around town.

I must publicly thank my good friend Josh Indig who more-or-less saved my life. He lives in Toronto, but was able to help me unlock my cell phone so it would work in Germany. Without him I would probably still be stuck in Halle. If you have a phone that needs to be unlocked, he’s you’re guy: joshindig@gmail.com (address posted with his permission)

My son turned 1 today. He ate chocolate cake. It’s on his face and he’s smiling at me as I type.
I’m having a Devil’s Night party in Hamilton on Oct 30th. It’s at 667 1/2 King st. E. You should come. The details are to the left. Throughout November I will be playing many shows around Ontario with my good friend BA Johnston. I hope you can make it if you are nearby.

Thank you.