September 9th, 2012

Sep 09

I’m excited to announce that the German record label Artfull Sounds will be re-releasing Saxon on September 21st — just in time for my fall European Tour. The album will be available in finer shops throughout the EU through Cargo Distribution. The folks at Artfull have been incredibly helpful, enthusiastic and patient. Just over a year ago, Daniel contacted me about putting out my music through his label. After some dithering on my part, and general level-headed awesomeness on his part, I decided to go ahead and work with them. Over the course of several months I have slowly come to realize just what I am part of with Artfull. I’m thrilled and relieved that I made such an uncharacteristically sound business decision. They specialize in jazz, metal and folk music. There is a lot of amazing, strange and not-so-strange music there. You should look into them at

I’ve had a dreamy week of laying low-but-not-too-low in my home town of Hamilton. It’s nice to have a chance to sit around in my underpants for a day or two after touring, but my Toronto show at the Piston the other night got me really revved up. What a night. I’m ready to re-clothe and get to work. I’m performing a couple of sets at Hamilton’s Supercrawl Festival next weekend and then I’m off to Germany on the 18th for a three week tour of Europe.

This time I hope to bring back a bottle of Apenzeller from Switzerland with me. Let me explain: there is a little town called Trogen nestled amid the rolling hills of the Appenzell Aussernhoden region. I perform at a tiny, two story pub in this town called Viertelbar — a converted garage that packs dangerously full of the most fun and rowdy people imaginable. The stage is on the second floor — highly reinforced with shock absorbing struts (necessary for all of the dancing). The party inevitably spills out onto the streets and you need to perform facing forward (to the room) and backwards (through the window, to the street below) simultaneously. After the show, the brothers who run the joint inevitably award me a bottle of Appenzeller’s Alpenbitter — a traditional herb bitter produced in the region. It tastes somewhat similar to Jagermeister but more piney, with a nastier aftertaste but happily lacking the 3rd Reich affiliation. Well, I have yet to break this to my friends at Viertelbar, but the bottle always ends up smashing in transit and stinking up my clothes, or being confiscated by customs. I love the stuff and want to share it with Heather, but I think this time I’ll just crack the bottle there and pass it about.
Hey! Some people have been saying nice things about my new record! I’m not one to self-aggrandize but… well… yes I am. Here are a few of the reviews and articles that came out recently:

There are a bunch more… as I learned by Google-searching myself.

Also, I don’t know if you know, but I recently put out a line of candles. They are shaped like my face and contain all of my old records on machine memory. Jesse Hildebrand did a stunning job of documenting the destruction of one such candle:

I ran out of my first batch of 30 candles quickly on my recent western tour, but I’m making many more. If you’d like one, I don’t have them up on any kind of store page yet (any volunteer web designers?), but I you can send me a message.

Below is a list of upcoming tour dates.
This list is often updated. Check for more details — times, cover charges, addresses etc.

Sep 14 Hamilton Supercrawl Festival – 7:30 mainstage

Sep 15 Hamilton Supercrawl Festival – 9:30 Dr. Disc basement.

Sep/Oct – European Re-Release of SAXON.

Sep 21 – Leiden NL – Triplexfestival
Breestraat 66

Sep 22 – Gera DE – Museumsnacht, Bühne an der Orangerie

Sep 23 – Berlin – White Trash
Schönhauser Allee 6-7

Sep 25 – Hamburg – Astrastube
Max-Brauer-Allee 200

Sep 26 – Castrop-Rauxel – Bahia de Cochinos
Wittener Straße 122

Sep 27 – Bielefeld – Heimat & Hafen
Stapenhorsstr 78

Sep 28 – Köln – Bauwagenplatz
Innerkannalstr and Grabbestr

Sep 29 – Bremerhaven – Pferdestall
Gartenstraße 5

Sep 30 – Mainz – Hafeneck
Frauenlobstraße 93

Oct 2 – Innsbruck, AT – Die Bäckerei

Oct 3 – Timelkam, AT – Shellac

Oct 4 – Fürth DE – Babylon Kellerbühne
Nürnberger Str. 3

Oct 5 – Winterthur CH – Kraftfeld
Lagerplatz 18

Oct 6 – CH/Trogen CH – Viertelbar

Oct 8 – Trier DE – Brunnenhof


Oct 25 – London ON – Fanshawe College – 12pm, Main cafeteria stage