Someone Fixed The Game For Me

Mar 02

 Here is a new song. Here: . It’s not that new, really. I’ve been playing this song at my shows for a couple years, but it feels new because I just put it on the internet. It’s okay for old things to feel new. Especially if they represent a return to the free-wheeling crisis times of youth. Travel, rusty cars, boxes and boxes of coffee stained records. I’ve been ramping up for this without my own knowing. I’ve been extracted from a tube. It’s hard to rectify these facts in my brainmind because I’m in the suburbs — because I”m in my basement drinking when I told myself I would meditate all weekend. And eat kale. But nope! I’m  putting music into cardboard boxes and out on the internet. My friend Edwin Burnett stopped by yesterday and gave me all of my old records. He’s the fella that recorded my new one (and my oldest). And now it’s all coming to pass. It’s at a nexus point in spacetime. The two worlds cross as I finally set up a shitty bandcamp account AND i have a new record. My garage is a mess but now I have to dig out all of my old silkscreens. I have to find all of those candle molds and melt dollar-store parafin on a half-dismantled waffle iron.  I am making it.