The rest of Europe and a Strange New Home

May 12

I’m back home now. I have been for a bit. I am lying on the basement floor of my confounding new suburban home. The rain is coming down now. I meant to write sooner, but the move has been such a whirly-wind. Let me see what I can remember. I explained my time in Hannover with my friend and tour manager Vincent. Well, as Vincent a continued to drive all about Germany and Switzerland, visiting tiny castles, galleries and pubs. On our way to Munchen (or Munich if you prefer the English bastardization), Vincent insisted that we drive the autobahn at 200 kilometres per hour. Neither Vincent nor I had ever moved that fast… Compared with various objects we probably weren’t moving at all… I but it felt pretty fast at the time. The sturdy black van was shaking unnaturally.
In Munchen I performed in a river-overflow tunnel that had been turned into a crazy music space. When I arrived, the owner of the place warned me about the strange reverberation that permeates the place when things get loud. But during sound check I realised this natural noise was such strange and pleasant sound that it would inevitably reshape the way I think about music and sounds. Sure enough I had one of the finer times of my life that night and I am a better musician for it. the strangers who happened upon the show were bouncing my red balloons this way and that! From Hannover we travelled fast to Zurich for a show at La Catrina. I have a fitful and foolish affection for this town that still wakes me at night. This night lived up to my heavy hopes. La Catrina is a Mexican Day Of The Dead Bar. The singing skeleton decals sang me dead from every surface. Vincent and I hit 200 again on the way to Furth. This time V took a movie of me sleeping in the passenger seat. I played at a nice kino (cinema) the in this town — I always stop at the Babylon to play songs and eat curried foods. this time my friend Martti Trillitzsch shared the night with his bass player Isi. After Furth, Vincent and I zoomed to Gera: Home of my label, Dake/Artfullsounds. My label friends set up an astounding record-lauch, label anniversary event in a large theatre space. I was very pleased to share the night with compelling, German folk beast T. Basco and the virtuosic blues/germaricana hero Rik Van Den Bosch.
I will write tomorrow later. I am feeling a bit dizzy., and lying on the basement floor of my new home in the suburbs. I have been drinking, which should excuse the poor word-choiceness and spellerinos that you may have noted in this post. Heather and I were always quite certain that we would never move to such a picturesque place…. I but here we are. Striking new life in the eye of the beast-storm. It cuts like a knife. And you know that I know it feels so right.