The Singular Songs Tour (Part 1)

Jun 26

JB Hildebrand Photography

JB Hildebrand Photography

Yes, I am leaving for the west in mid July. I’m excited and nervous. Though in recent weeks and months I’ve been westward for a few festivals, it’s hard to believe that two years have passed since my last scrappy, sofa-hopping, red-eye road tour that way. As you must know, for some time I have been working like a hungry tiger on my new record. When I started considering this summer’s travel nearly a year ago, I had in mind that the new vinyl would surely be in tow — that this tour would represent the illustrious launch of my Newest and Greatest Collection of Things.

Well, months and months and many hours of glorious work have passed. Countless moments of collaborative euphoria have been shared by myself and James Chapple, producer extraordinaire, and early in the process we both intuited that this record is not one to be rushed. We have been climbing incredible mountains as we refine the thing into something Better than Either of us Expected — a thing that lifts us out of comfort zones and shakes us in our centre parts. We are working hard on it most days and it is getting terribly exciting, but it will be done when it’s ready and not a moment sooner.

HOWEVER. Our great unfinished and unhurried Work leaves the little matter of this impending tour. Needless to say, it’s not a record launch tour. It is, rather, sort of a Record-in-Progress tour. I have come to appreciate this notion quite a bit and I intend to honour it in a few ways:
First Way: At every show I will be performing songs from the new record, talking about my “process”, getting drunk and weaving songs and stories old and new into a dizzy musical tapestry or a mesmerizing brain-quilt. Candlehead. Sparklers. Balloons. Precarious Antics. Whatnot.
Second Way: I will bring with me, in stylish compact disc and candle-embedded form, all six of my previous records — even my oft sought but ever elusive self-titled debut (a recording I lovingly refer to as my Embarrassing Early Works).

Way Number Three: the most special thing of all is that I have begun work on a series of ten Very Exciting Candles. These ten fragrant, hand-crafted candles will comprise the prototype run of a brand-new and ongoing music project. You see, while all of my candles contain music, each of these special candles contain a one-of-a-kind composition, stored on machine memory, to be withdrawn, extracted or kept embedded and inaccessible by the purchaser. When I say that these songs are “one-of-a-kind”, I mean it. Not that these songs are recorded “singles” in the conventional ‘EP’ sense of the word; rather, these special candles contain what I will refer to henceforth as Singular Songs: one-of-a-kind, low-fidelity (I’m talking bargain basement fidelity) recordings of original (at times, dare I say Mostly Finished) compositions. I retain NO backup recording of the songs encased in these candles. I will not further develop and produce these songs at any future point. These songs will live or die in candle form and by what YOU, the purchaser, decide to do with them. If the owner of a Singular Song Candle chooses to extract the song and share it with Every Citizen by uploading it to the World Wide Web, he or she is free to do so. Conversely, a Singular Song owner may decide to extract the machine memory and crush it under his or her heel, or cast it off into a blistering inferno; this song will be lost forever. To own a Singular Song will prove to be a great responsibility, for a Songholder is a Master of Destiny to one song.

So, central and western Canadians, THIS is what fills the vacuum of a record un-launched. It is something new. Something remarkable. Something unsung. So join me. For one night, for all. This summer, come to the Wax Mannequin performance closest to you and share in the music; share in the majesty; share in my… Singular Songs.