Wax Mannequin Supersale (Making Easy Things Part 13)

Feb 24

The Wax Mannequin Supersale is go. To celebrate my upcoming Maritime and Ontario tour with Kim Barlow, I have made my back-catalogue available on Bandcamp, priced pay-what-you-can for the next week. Now is a Fine Time to complete your collection, or to trick your friends into enjoying all of the scrappy, unsettling delights that the Mannequin has to offer. Share and Rejoice. https://waxmannequin.bandcamp.com/

I think about the changes that my music has undergone. From timid basement indie-folk to self-obliterating bombast and back again. I think everyone who makes things has a complicated relationship with their past work. Some works lose their context over time and become stripped of any meaning or effect; others come across as culturally or politically insensitive, implicating the artist in any number of moral missteps. But some songs resonate unexpectedly with the changed times.

When I first released Orchard & Ire, I couldn’t stand it. I was horrified. I thought it was a failed effort entirely. O&I had emerged as an entirely different beast than the one I had set out to create. The record felt completely alien — emotionally and conceptually impenetrable. But I wonder if it now somehow speaks to the clamour and numbness of our modern predicament. As wise animals have, in fact, slowly encircled our camp, awaiting the Master’s signal.