Yukon Gold

Oct 25

Mutual AppreciationNot long ago I came home from an astounding 10 day adventure in the Yukon. I was there musiculating with some of my favorite folks. Mathias Kom (The Burning Hell) originally suggested I make the trip and I’m glad that I did. He, you see, has a hand in Headless Owl — a newish record label based out of Whitehorse. The folks at HO and Halifax-based You’ve Changed thought it would be a good idea to invite a whole bunch of their favourite musicians up for ten days to collaborate, to record an album and to perform songs in Whitehorse and Dawson City. Luckily, nobody told Andrew Stratis and Kyle Cashen that it would be near impossible to organize and corral a dozen hard-travelling weirdys from across the country, so the whole affair was driven by their blind optimism… and it was a great success. We each brought a tune and had a big friendly love-in all over one-another’s music. My own song ‘Beast Rises’ features Mathias Kom on bass, Ian Kehoe (Marine Dreams) on drums, Shotgun Jimmie on ‘lectric guitar and Michael Feuerstack playing lapsteel. Everyone sang together on the last bit, including Construction and Destruction, Baby Eagle, Kyle Cashen, Richard Laviolette and Shery Boyle.

Between recording, rehearsing and performing, the label wigs ran a tight schedule for our entire visit, so there was little time for nonsense, hooliganism or shenanigans, but we did get to the nearby hot springs (see photo) and drank ample off-sales Chilkoot in the nighttimes. The Whitehorse community was incredibly generous and supportive of the project. I’m not one to toot anyone else’s advertorial horn on my site, but I feel compelled to give a shout-out to the many businesses and individuals that made this insane week possible. The Goldrush Holiday Inn, Baked Cafe, The Yukon Arts Centre, the Frostbite Festival team… Countless more. I’ll post a complete list soon. I’m looking forward to hearing the record when it comes together in the next few months; for now it is being molded by Jordy Walker’s masterful hands.

For my own part I am touching-up an ep for release with Headless Owl on 7″ vinyl and I’m carrying a mischievous Yukon glow as I zoom about Ontario for weekend performances.